Rattlesnake Ledge Trail – Partial

The whole Rattlesnake area in North Bend is a beloved hiking spot for many. The Rattlesnake Ledge Trail starts in the Cedar Falls area at Rattlesnake Lake and continues beyond the “ledge” nearly to Snoqualmie Casino. However, the Rattlesnake Ledge Trail is only the first two or so miles of this longer trail (Rattlesnake Ridge Trail) and starts at Rattlesnake Lake.

Due to time constraints and not wanting to wear myself out at the expense of my studies, I allotted myself about an hour to hike today. This means I turned around at mile one and headed back down. I plan on completing the hike to the Ledge in the near future and will review the full 4-mile Ledge hike.


Take exit 32 from I-90 East, turn right onto 436th Ave SE, this will eventually turn into Cedar Falls Road SE. Follow it to the end where you’ll see ample signage for parking. This is a Seattle Public Utilities site so no pass is needed.

I came in around 11:30 and the parking lot was PACKED. FULL. However since it is not a long hike, and many people were just hanging out at the lake, there is a steady turnover of parking spaces and you need not wait long.


I pretty much followed everyone to the trailhead. It is also well-signed and the trailhead is easy to find. This was an out-and-back outing. You are able to continue past the Ledge on the Rattlesnake Ridge Trail for a much longer hike across North Bend’s iconic mountain ridge.

Trail conditions

The trail was well-maintained and mostly dry. There were a couple areas of wetness but not to the point of mud.


It can be steep in spots, so I used my hiking poles. I also just wore my Oboz hiking shoes and they worked brilliantly.

the experience

I planned to only hike for about an hour today for two reasons. One, I need to study a lot more everyday than normal so I can’t afford to be out for hours and hours at a time right now. Two, I want to steadily get back into hiking and not burn myself out to quickly since I’ve been recovering from pneumonia.

This hike is somewhat steep, doable, but steep. After about a quarter mile or so I brought out my hiking poles and they helped immensely.

There were several huge boulders along the route.

One of the many huge boulders.

There were a lot of people on the route today. Lots of seniors and teenagers for some reason. This wasn’t surprising as this is an extremely popular hike.

Another boulder and lush greenery!

This time of year is a great one to do this trail because there are huckleberries galore!

the verdict

I can’t wait to do the full Ledge hike sometime soon. This is a really beautiful hike with lots of interesting greenery and boulders. This is also a good hike for exercise because there are very little flat spots, but it is also relatively short (if you go all the way to the Ledge it is 1.9 miles one-way). This is a good hike for most fitness levels of able-bodied people. I saw lots of seniors as well as school-aged kids who were trekking along just fine.

cumulative mileage in 2019: 39.00

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