Tradition Lake

Today, my aunt and I did a small hike up at Tiger Mountain. After having been doing a bunch of steep hikes last week and over the weekend, this flat one was just what I needed, or more specifically what my quads needed. Plus it was a balmy 50 degrees on this sunny January day!


This hike is off of I-90 and exit 20, High Point. We took a right at the stop sign and another right on SE 79th Street and went all the way to the parking lot. You do need a Discover Pass to park here, but it is also possible to park outside of the lot and hike in for free.

Make sure to take photos of the maps at Tiger because they are few and far between!


Our route took us on the Around the Lake Trail, which met up with the Puget Power Road and back to the parking lot. In total, about 1.7 miles and took about 45 minutes with stops.

Trail Conditions

The grade is nearly flat. The trail was mostly dry with a couple muddy depressions.


This can easily be done with regular athletic shoes or hiking shoes (I used these). No poles needed.

The Experience

Starting at the parking lot, we went to the main trail area and took a left at the Bus Trail sign and then a right at the Around the Lake Trail. The trail goes through a stand of alder, maple, and fir and is well-cared for with some light gravel so it was not muddy.

Go left toward Bus Trail!
Take a right onto Around the Lake Trail!

On the Around the Lake Trail we crossed a little stream and then came up on a lookout platform to see the lake. A couple groups of ducks dotted the peaceful little lake.

The Around the Lake Trail meets up with the Puget Power Road which looks like a wide, flat power line trail. We took a right back toward the parking lot, but if you go left you can meet up with a few other trails for some more adventures.

After a few hundred feet we encountered some cranberry-looking berries, which I found out are probably kinnickinnick or alpine bearberry. Apparently, they are edible but not very good.

Kinnickinnick or Alpine Bearberry

After another couple hundred feet we rested and took in some vitamin D at this mini-amphitheater that faced the lake. The sun was so warm that I had to take off my jacket.

Looking toward the lake and summit of Tiger Mountain.

Before long, we were already back to the parking lot. Total mileage was about 1.7 miles in about 45 minutes.

Cumulative Mileage in 2019: 15.55 miles

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