Hello, World!

Come hike 100 miles with me in 2019!

I suppose I should give a little information about myself so that you, my readers, know who it is you are spending time following!

This is me. Hello!

I grew up in the woods in the Seattle Area. As a young child, my mother instilled in me a curiosity of the world and made sure I got plenty of time outside. Any free time was spent out catching frogs, bicycling and making forts in the woods. I was (and, arguably, still am) definitely a tomboy.

Though I was an average-sized little, at about eight years old my body started to really pack on weight and I became a fat kid. I continued to play outside with my neighborhood friends and cousins, and my mom started to control my diet, but the weight didn’t budge.

My teenage years were fairly volatile due to some unfortunate family circumstances and I started to turn inward. We moved away from the neighborhood and I lost contact with my “playing buddies”. I did a few sports in school, however. I was on the track, basketball and volleyball teams. I also went up on the ski bus every Saturday. Despite all of this activity, I was still “big boned”.

I was definitely subscribed to the “I’ll do that when I’m skinny” mentality. This kept me stuck for a long while. I did start running in college and lost a good 50 lbs, and I enjoyed it. After college, I was diagnosed with a thyroid condition that has plagued several of my maternal family members. Since, it has been a real challenge to maintain my weight and I have ballooned up another fifty pounds since I got married and worked on my two masters degrees, despite medication.

I got married in India!

Now, I am almost 29 years old and with some maturity I have realized that I may never “be skinny” and with the logic of waiting until then to really live my life, I would never do any of the things I want to. Well, I am here to do those things anyway, because they may never get done otherwise.

Come join me on my 100 miles hiking challenge! I challenge myself to complete 100 miles of hiking in 2019 (and hopefully more)!

Even though I have a thyroid condition that causes me some problems, I feel very grateful to otherwise be healthy. I feel it is my responsibility to take care of myself as best I can with these issues. And I fully acknowledge that it is unhealthy to be overweight or obese. So haters need not apply.

I hope that you will find some value in following me on my adventures whether or not you struggle with weight or some other obstacle.

6 thoughts on “Hello, World!

  1. I love what you’re doing and what you stand for. You’re an amazing woman with the inspiration to make a change and I love that you do you! I’m your #1 fan!
    Love, Mom


  2. You got this! You are even more beautiful because you are flawed! I will always be you blonde hair/blue eyed 2nd mom! I’m so proud of you and please watch for big cats in the wild!


  3. I admire and love your courage, it’s not easy to put yourself out there like you are. I’m proud of the difference you are making while inspiring others!

    “Always be your own kind of Beautiful”

    I Love you!


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